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What Worries Many People Over Christmas – Health and Calories!

The Lovely Leonie Wright

I am blessed to be surrounded by so many lovely friends who are also experts in their chosen fields. Leonie Wright is a Nutrition Coach and published author. After discovering and following a healthy eating programme in The Netherlands, Leonie and her husband experienced considerable health improvements and it convinced her that many more people could benefit in the same way. It showed her how you can be healthy through eating the right foods. Leonie brought this program to the UK and has helped endless people to improve their health.

I asked Leonie for some tips to help those of us who have a tendency to overindulge during the festive period, so we can reduce the damage we might otherwise do...

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XMAS BELLS are WARNING BELLS – How you can avoid family arguments

My Lovely Friend Mariette – aka Dr Destress!

A guest blog today from my lovely friend Dr Mariette Jansen, a psychological coach – thank you Mariette for your words of wisdom. I think we have escaped big arguments on Christmas day but I know there are often niggles and a few moans so I shall remember all this advice!

Did you know that each family will have at least 5 rows on Xmas day? The first starts just after 10 am and the last one ends just before bed, 12 hours later.
40% of children will moan around noon about their disappointments with their presents and 45% of the hosting couples will be argumentative between 1 and 3 pm. Usually about his drinking and her being stressed about not getting help with cooking and serving lunch.
Around 6 pm is the time to bicker about the remote control.

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