Cola or Diet Cola – which is your poison?

I saw a post on Facebook last week in which a beautiful young women said she was proud of herself as she’d managed to get used to the taste of diet cola and had weened herself off the real thing!

It made me realise that people really aren’t aware of how damaging artificial sweeteners are. Yes, we all know sugar is more addictive than cocaine and we should give it up but what is the alternative?

46982654 - concept of fizzy cola drinks with unhealthy sugar content.
Honestly? Water. Yes, water – it’s the elixir of life and makes up to 70% of our body. We should celebrate water and drink more – once you get used to drinking it you will find colas and other soft drinks just don’t taste right at all.

Need more convincing?

Let’s explore the differences between full “fat” drinks and sugar free:
The average can of drink like coke has 8 teaspoons of sugar and the small bottle people carry around and drink has 15.5. They can damage your teeth and your health. – Diet coke can also harm your teeth as it has a lot of acid in, this acid can strip the enamel from your teeth and leave them more vulnerable to cavities from other sugary foods and drinks you may consume.

Although the calorie-free aspect of diet drinks may sound appealing to those trying to maintain a healthy weight, don’t be fooled. It has been suggested that diet drinks actually contribute to weight gain, not weight loss. Your brain will think it’s getting a sweet fix but then not be satisfied so seek out the real thing by giving you a craving – now I know why I used to buy a diet coke and a chocolate bar together back in the day!

One study from the University of Miami revealed an even scarier effect of diet drinks when they linked the beverage’s consumption to increased risk of heart attack and stroke. In the study, 2,465 participants were asked to document what beverages they drink and how often they drink them. The participants were followed for nine years and results found those who consumed diet drinks were 48 percent more likely to have a heart attack or stroke when compared to those who rarely drank any fizzy drinks. Although this doesn’t prove the link conclusively, it does add to the number of studies that link the effect both regular, full sugar drinks and diet drink’s effect on our most important organ.

Besides having no nutritional value nor quenching your thirst, diet drinks/artificial sweeteners are toxic have been linked to many debilitating conditions and diseases too, like MS (multiple sclerosis), diabetes, depression, epilepsy, brain tumours and even cancer but if you’re not sure why you’d listen to me check out this video on Dr Joseph Mercola’s site. I find this quite compelling.

Even the Daily Mirror has an article warning of the dangers of diet drinks – check out the infographic half way down the page!

We all have things in our life we hang on to, habits we wish we could break – if drinking soft, fizzy drinks or even the diet version is one of your bad habits, then let this be one habit you break today!

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Jill is an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International and the views expressed are her own based on Internet research. Jill is not a scientist, nutritionist or skincare expert but is passionate about helping people understand more about how to look after their body, skin and about the ingredients in Health and Wellness products. If you would like to know more please complete the form in the side bar and I will send you regular information and blog posts.

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