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I love my role as a presenter on Brooklands Radio – I’m on air most Thursdays from 1 – 4pm and I play lots of great music and discuss health issues – you can listen in live via your computer by clicking the link: http:// or via an app you can download onto your iPhone or Android.

I also have guests each week – check out these podcasts…….


Jill Bennett talks to Jade Weeks who shares her experience of conception using IVF after her and her husband Dan failed to conceive naturally. Jade’s experience will give hope to you and she shares some of the support groups she found useful.

Jill Bennett talks to Cathy Richardson talks about “The Power of Purpose”.  Cathy has an interesting story on how she got to where she is today and is also hosting the “Whole Woman Conference” on 7th May at Warbrook House, in aid of a children’s charity in India.

Jill Bennett talks to Adam Buttery who spent 30 years working in the IT industry before seeing sense and opting for something he was good at! For ten years now he has used his Reiki and massage skills to work as a holistic therapist.

Ped Millichamp Head of Creative Operations at The Willow an award-winning health restaurant and bar offering a unique and deliciously nutritious culinary experience in Kingston-upon-Thames. Its approach is simple. ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’.

Jill Bennett talks to Jorge Vence, success and confidence coach, about his book Growing Confident. Jorge has an incredible story to tell about how he turned his life around.

Liz Chukwu from:  explains how to bring back the energy of love and balance in your home.  Liz helps those that need more success in their lives to make inspiring decisions and achieve incredible results through the principles of Ancient Wisdoms and Feng Shui, which enables us to bring the natural and successful flow of nature, into our lives.

Jill Bennett talks to Jane Barrett from Nurturing Nutrition, a registered nutritional therapist specialising in digestive health. Find out more about Jane’s background and hear her 5 tips for improving digestive health

Jill Bennett talks to Karen Canfield a Life Coach and trained in NLP and Clinical Hypotherapy after leaving corporate life. She loves working with people and animals.

Jill Bennett talks to Alessandro Ferullo who has been studying with Master Zhixing Wang, the founder of the Hua Gong style of Qigong for more than 25 years and talks about the art of living Joy fully Connecting to your true nature for joy, inspiration and good health—some Qigong ideas and principles from this 4,000 year old practice from China. Tel: 07747 113305

Jill Bennett talks to Gennye Anderzon and Kirsty Taylor running an 8 week course: Embody Your Divine Self, This 8 step journey. The guided meditations are designed to calm your mind, connect to your inner knowing and intuition, and empower you to follow your instincts. Facebook – Gennye Lion Rainbow Anderzon or via, Kirsty on Facebook – The Happy Guru.

When looking for a nutritional therapist it is important to check they are fully insured and registered with the only government funded voluntary register – The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, of which Jill Bennett’s guest Clelia Gwynne-Evans is with both and gives tips on a healthy start to 2017.

Jill Bennett talks to Cathy Richardson about mindfulness and wellbeing over Christmas with tips about what women can do to keep sane, centred and full of sparkle during what can potentially be a physically and emotionally exhausting time.  Cathy is a yoga teacher and cognitive behavioural master coach. and

Jill Bennett talks to Joanna Bristow-Watkins who is a specialist practitioner and teacher of Reyad Sekh Em a form of Egyptian Alchemy Healing. Joanna explains what this is and how this form of energy healing could help you. 

Jill Bennett talks to Sonia Grimes who is passionate about making sure you, Look Great, Feel Great and Lose Weight for life.  She is a qualified specialist in Nutrition and Weight Loss and has published articles on weight and food 

Jill Bennett talks to International cooking teacher and Turkish Culinary Expert Ozlem Warren who shares her passion for healthy Turkish cuisine. She has been teaching wholesome, delicious Turkish cookery in the US, Jordan, Istanbul and England for the past 8 years and has a popular Turkish recipe blog Ozlem’s Turkish Table

Jill Bennett talks to Amanda Lord of Ad Alta Sports Therap, a sports therapist and has trained in a broad spectrum of techniques so she can assess what might be contributing to someone’s situation and offer a choice of techniques to assist. If you are about to start an exercise regime or you have pain while you exercise listen in and see what sort of therapy may help you.

Jill Bennett talks to Csaba Torok who is originally from Hungary. After a career in catering and then studying IT and small business management it was while skiing he experienced his first massage and decided he would train to be a massage therapist.Csaba explains how massage can help you in your life.

Are you stressed, exhausted and totally lacking job satisfaction?  Jackie Hall-Shaw was so she turned her back on a 15 year City career as an insurance Underwriter at Lloyd’s of London. Jill Bennett finds out how Jackie valued her health and sanity over her career and find out what she’s doing now. 

Jill Bennett talks to Marina Duskov an intuitive lifestyle consultant specialising in Eastern holistic healing principles who discusses Mind and Body Connection with the Life Codes Wisdom.  Find out what Life Codes are; how this year gives you the opportunity for mind and body connection and why compassion and kindness with praising your progress is important. Receive your Life Code for FREE. Simply use

Jill Bennett talks to Jane Reeves and Rod Wood about their new book: Fishing the Net:  A comical look at internet dating, the pitfalls and how to stay safe when dating online.  

Jill Bennett talks to author Rod Wood who had a dream to climb the beautifully daunting Kilimanjaro. Unfortunately, life and depression hit Rod like an oncoming truck and it was only as part of his recovery he found the strength to follow his dream. Rod talks about his first published book documenting his journey.

Jill Bennett talks to Tricia Woolfrey an integrative coach, therapist, author and trainer based in Byfleet Village and with a practice in Harley Street London.  She is a specialist in stress management, weight loss, IBS and fatigue. Tricia will explain what integrative hypnotherapy is and deal with the myths surrounding hypnosis and how it can help people in their lives.

Jill Bennett talks to Jane Tyson of Parenting Success Coaching about how to have a more harmonious home life.  Jane runs workshops and gives talks on many aspects of parenting.

Jill Bennett talks to Rita Chowdhry founder of Savran helping individuals and companies to effect change through coaching, facilitating and mentoring.

Jill Bennett talks to Anna Saverimuttu, a Guildford-based photographer who specialises in women’s portraits.  Knowing that the many women hate having their photograph taken Anna will be holding a self-esteem workshop for women on September 17th in

Jill Bennett talks to Kiasang Law was born in Malaysia. After being inspired in a Buddhist Temple in London by an old man using facial acupressure points to treat pain and internal conditions, he studied ear acupuncture and became an auricular acupuncturist.

Jill Bennett talks to Leonie Wright, owner of EatWright, a nutrition coach, speaker and author of CookWright, a no added sugar recipe book. She gives you tips and advice on how you can stay healthy through food –

Jill Bennett talks to Lauretta Cundy, a Coaching Psychologist and Life Coach and runs a company called Mad About My Life, offering a tailor made service underpinned by 3 Core Pillars, Think, Eat, Move – they are also on FaceBook and Instagram.

Nevil Kapadia who is part of a group of Herbalife members who provide free exercise to the community, along with support, coaching and body scans & health check ups.  Nevil talks about what exercise is best for weight loss and long term health.

Dr Mariette Jansen/Dr Destress is a psychological coach and meditation teacher and will talk about ‘How to deal with shocking world events that makes a lot of us feeling angry and anxious. What can you do to reduce those feelings and deal with these type of events in a different way?

Jill Bennett talks to Bea Somer of Core Value Pilates providing 1 to 1 and group tuition in the Woking area.