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XMAS BELLS are WARNING BELLS – How you can avoid family arguments

My Lovely Friend Mariette – aka Dr Destress!

A guest blog today from my lovely friend Dr Mariette Jansen, a psychological coach – thank you Mariette for your words of wisdom. I think we have escaped big arguments on Christmas day but I know there are often niggles and a few moans so I shall remember all this advice!

Did you know that each family will have at least 5 rows on Xmas day? The first starts just after 10 am and the last one ends just before bed, 12 hours later.
40% of children will moan around noon about their disappointments with their presents and 45% of the hosting couples will be argumentative between 1 and 3 pm. Usually about his drinking and her being stressed about not getting help with cooking and serving lunch.
Around 6 pm is the time to bicker about the remote control.

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